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The difference between a supplier and a partner


Since 1959, in order to meet customer’s needs, Gastaldello Sistemi has been working in the field of design, production and the surface treatment of aluminium profiles.


Products are made using a modern press for extrusion. The fully automated line pours the product in the warehouses and surface treatment coating plant.


The most complex technical and architectural needs are met by the technicians who make our product and are the result of studies conducted in collaboration with our designers.

Gastaldello Sistemi offers a high quality product for the door and window frame sector and for the industrial profiles sector, based on the specific request of the customer.

Additionally, the company offers consultancy services for studies and projects targeted at innovative solutions for the manufacture of extrusions for construction and industry.

As a result of Gastaldello Sistemi ’s experience in the field of the construction and installation of door and window frames, manufacturers of said door and window frame can provide efficient technical support: from training to optimum use of profiles, information on the performance of its systems and the supply of machinery and all finishing components.

The company's extrusion business has allowed it to extend its technical and quality capabilities to other sectors that use aluminium. Supported by a professional and versatile technical department, we can provide the customer with active and complete design support in order to obtain the best results together and to achieve a unique product in terms of performance, functionality, simplicity and aesthetics.