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The details makes the difference

The company’s products are the result of a meticulous design process, from the details to the manufacture of multiple solutions, characterised by accurate design and with a high level of technical performance guaranteed for every single component.

Gastaldello Sistemi aims to provide ongoing research into solutions that are aesthetic, functional and innovative, in the study of profiles, types of openings and constructive elements that allow it to customise door and window frame systems according to the customer's needs.

The success achieved by NEWTEC and EUROline systems in terms of quality and versatility arises from the special attention that Gastaldello Sistemi has always paid to the smallest of details.

The design of the profile makes it possible to use the door and window frames for installation in more modern buildings and for restoration in old buildings; In this respect, handles, hinges and external caps are painted in the same colour as the contour, and the result is extremely elegant.

Gastaldello Sistemi is committed to ensuring quality and durability only through the use of original accessories and components that allow correct operation and safety of the product.


EUROline interior (A) and exterior (B) view.

Flip side, exterior view.

Unique opening mechanism.



Corner joining brackets with glue injection: maximum guarantee.


Polyamide PA 6.6 slats for
efficient thermal insulation

Original wood slats,
marked to guarantee the product

Original seals
for secure mounting

Original accessories and screws
for secure mounting